Writing as an art is beyond writing as a professional. Ernest Ukpovum


Half of the world can write. But not everybody who can write can write.

By Simple Man

William Shakespeare might have been described as a writer and a poet, but was he really a writer or an artist?

Writing is an art because writing defines the agent of good and bad organisms of our society.

Your style of writing, your creativity in writing, and the pattern demonstrated in your writing are not an ordinary gathering of letters, forming words, and establishing elements to bring meaning. It is an art that builds and carved out a dynamic design called “CONTENT”.

Writing can only take place when there is a concept not a story. A story without a concept will not bring out an organised writing. Writing is meant to instruct, or to inform. But the real act of writing is in the ability to convey with great consideration, the message and the reader.

I have learned over the years that there are different groups of writers. We have expert writers, Art writers, Professional writers, and everyday ordinary writers.

If you are a writer, you must fall into one of these categories. Each of these categories does a different job.

The worst thing that can happen in writing is to be writing to count the number of words and pages you can write in a day.

If that is your goal as a writer, then, you are certainly going to lose the value of your work.

Don’t be a writer that writes for money, when you were supposed to be a writer who creates value in writing because value comes from writing as an art, remember the function of your writing is to move the conversion of your idea or art forward into history not to preserve your idea or art forever as we like to believe.

Nowadays, writers are more interested in making a career in Writing forgetting that writing is the sole determining factor of good and bad agents of life and therefore choosing writing as a career means = you are willing to take the road less taken in a society driven by luxury, wealth and power.

While writing may bring you fame and recognition if you are in a certain category of writing as a writer, it can also impoverish you if you writing is mediocre.

Bad writing creates bad agents of society and good writing creates good agents of society.

Whatever topic or subject you are writing about is targeted at persuading, and influencing thinking, learning, and understanding.

The type of writing you read and learn from is most likely to influence your life choices which in other words, is likely to arm you for good or bad.

In my early days in writing, I was focused on just writing to create content, without considering Value, Readers, clarity, structure, or impact.

Today I strive to be a writer who writes to change the ideas of others not be a writer who writes to sell my ideas.

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