Will Smith resignation as a member of the Academy will change the narrative of public perception

The Oscars Academy award should never be undermined as Will Smith’s Resignation from the Academy as a member, also as a meaningful show of lasting Apology for his recent action at the 94th Oscar event.

By Comfort Ojendeji

History can always teach us lessons and point us to the right path, as the seems to be quite a number of lessons thought and drawn from the event that occurred at the 94th Oscars award where Will Smith’s show of masculinity on Chris Rock was frowned upon.
I can understand that his resignation is coming from self-conscious reasoning, and also out of respect or could also mean an apology to Chris whom he never really give a direct apology.
A show of regret for his display of violence which has a huge effect on his public perception and career henceforth. The other thing is that will is not sorry for defending his wife, he is only sorry for publicly displaying violence.
What if Chris had hit him back? it would have been a different story, the very reason he should tender a direct apology to Chris who remain calm through the whole experience and laughed about it.
Going back to the understanding of the purpose of the Academic Award and the reason why there is a backlash on Will Smith and eventually his resignation as a result.
Long before Spike Lee, John Singleton, and Julie Dash, broke the barrier for black Cinema, the secret rumor about the Academy award being carved out from Oscar Micheaux’s name is also a considerable reason for Will Smith to honor the name of the first major black filmmaker to produce and direct his own film independently who today world he stands to represent in the world stage.
Oscar Micheaux was the first Black man to defile the rules and power of white-dominated Hollywood show business and his name being synonymous with the academy is a huge honor that is respected by all black actors hence their struggle to be recognized by the academy.
Chris Rock was attacked by Will Smith for making jokes about his wife Jada Pinkett who has alopecia and has talked about how it affected her, which she had not found the “hair joke” funny when Chris Rock had made the joke comparing her to GI Jane.
Since Will Smith’s actions turned out to be a public insult to Chris Rock that has traveled all over the world, Nigerian celebrities for example have taken to their social media to talk about how Nigerian comedians make people the butt of their jokes no has really seen anything wrong with it.
People whose lives and personal experiences had been used as reference points for cracking jokes had embraced the new development by Will Smith’s actions.
Worthy of note amongst the reactions was that of musician Paul Okoye, he stated that Will Smith’s actions had opened doors for some people in Nigeria. He further stressed, ” comedians, don’t allow yourself to be used as Naija version of the Oscars”.
Ubi Franklin also mentioned that Bovi, a popular comedian had used his kids as the butts of his kids on national TV.
In his words, he said “This is the way to go now, if you yab now, we get on it straight. Or if you yab me, I will yab you with receipts of the things that the world doesn’t know about you on my page and we will go anywhere from there”.
He further stated that comedy shouldn’t be used as a decoy for disrespecting people on national TV.
Another Nigerian comedian Otaghware Onodjayeke popularly known as “I go save” described comedy as a tool used in correcting social vices. “I am not a fan of sensitive jokes and I don’t support violence” while noting that sometimes as a comedian, you have tried to make jokes with present happenstances.
In another vein, some Nigerian celebrities who haven’t trended in a while are coming out to instigate Nigerians against Nigerian comedians”.
These are some of the lasting historical shifts in the world’s greatest Academy Award that will affect the future of the joke industry hence it thrives on the back making jokes out of serious life-long issues.
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