Who is profiting from the Misery of Ukraine war with Russia?


This is not a game of popularity. This is a war, led by a Dictator. And as each vote is applied, another life is lost, another home destroyed, another family is torn apart. Since the invasion of Russia on Ukraine soil, the world has divided itself as usual in support of either of the both side those for Russia and those against Ukraine.

By Opinion Writers

Opinion they say varies from person to person and so do the action that follows the opinion, online social media has different interpretation of the current war in Russia. some thinks Russia has the right to defend its borders from outsiders trying to influence imperialism in neirgboring Ukraine others thinks the Ukrainian people have the right not to be part of the Russia, if they don’t want  

Many have ask for the end of the war, but the question about who is profiting from the misery of the two countries on social media again pose a deep thought as to who is really going home with a bag of goodies as the conqueror?

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