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OPINION WRITERS:There is something fundamentally wrong with the type of democracy that we have adopted across Africa and in Nigeria.

OPINION WRITERS:There is something fundamentally wrong with the type of democracy that we have adopted across Africa and in Nigeria.

 I think the model in itself is not just easily manipulated, it also gives the ability to perpetuate power to any body who holds onto it as a leader by using institutional resources provided by this same model to keep every other person down so that they can manipulate the processes. 

It doesn’t matter how the structure we are practicing here must have been set up, but first, it being called, a federalism  system of democracy or wherever it is, is just by the name, not by functionality.

And what we are seeing by the name “federalism” is meant to allow those who occupy such power offices to hold on to the power desks using the structure within the democratic organizations and it has been working beautifully for them. 

 My belief is that the African Nations at large in crossing over from the military to democracy did not interrogate properly what kind of democracy they were going to put in place that would reflect the people’s need and the need of development of their nations.

In the past, when the military era was no longer acceptable to us, they moved to adopt whatever was presented to them back then, so they just borrowed whatever they could borrow. 

I believe that when these were being done; the intentions were that they would correct some of the structures that were not balanced along the way.

Unfortunately, those who got into power through these systems that were put in place realized that the system is favorable to them and they decided to say you know what, let’s make this system remain like this so that we can use it to do whatever we want to do, that has been their ideas. 

So for me, when we talk about leadership in Nigeria, it must start with the structure. What kind of structures do we have and how does the structure instruct the leaders? 

Until we go back into the structure and take a look at how we should begin to change the restructure of democracy structure that we have, so that our own system can commemorate with our culture, allowing the youth and everyone from every tribe to understand and grow with it.

 Then anybody who goes into politics as a leader will have no other way than to follow the structure instructions. 

The problem is not about the system, it’s the application of the institution of the system. We must begin to design the structure and that requires a good team to form a framework committee. A team needs to be in the leadership space to foster such design of such structure. 

To move forward we need to be fundamental and practical. We need to begin to get in and begin to share our experience so that people will understand our experience and feel connected to our way of thinking and that also has to do with our scars through the struggle to change the story. 

And for Nigerians to be able to begin to take a chance, we must start to get involved and then know the experience by ourselves.

The value system needs to set the parameters, to know that politic is a long game and you must be aware of why you are there to make a change. 

However, a person who believes in changing the system should not be limited by lack of support from the people because lack of support will always set in to sample how much zeal you have. 

Those with the ideas of changing or rebuilding the democratic system in Nigeria must also recognize the problem of contending with those who have already occupied the current system that may not want to change it because it’s suitable for them, not to talk about replacing the system. You need to think about these problems from the entrance before you make a step.

And that is a factorial contention number one and it’s a genuine contention that if anybody wants to go along with those in power to change the system then you must also be willing to fight the battle in any way they give it to you as a contender. 

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The second contention is a bit more subtle but incremental and it requires people who understand that change would come over time and I think our youth doesn’t see that as an option, because it requires patience and the process people will die and all of that but to build it, you have to be deliberate about the process. 

I think that the battles that we have today is that must nations in African have rising up and their young generation have a different ideology, I suspect that must of this nations will try to take the confrontational approach to change their systems, and every African who understands the danger of such an approach should be worried as I am. 

There are some philosophers in Africa that believe Africa needs mental and systemic decolonization which must be carried out through a radical violent approach. 

This is the reason why the government needs to quickly recognize the problem through the system and find a solution or allow better application of the system so that people can step in and help to quickly rebuild the system in favor of the people. 

In my opinion, we should look for a sustainable way to change our democratic system not just in Nigeria but in African Nations. 

There are people who have the right intentions and believe in doing what is right and these people need to confront the process and take positions and begin to participate in the change process. It’s now a matter of decision. We can decide to stay outside and complain or step in and participate. 


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