The unlikely friendship of the west to Nigeria after Russia turned out to be a threat with their Natural Gas.


Few weeks after the Russian Invasion on Ukraine, it was clear to Western Europe and Africa that Russian Gas will put every country with Russian gas pipeline supply in a tiny conner, and for the west to make a firm stand position, they needed to find an alternative measures, a certainty that they can refile their gas pipelines before taking a firm position on Russia, and then they turn to Nigeria.

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Nigeria being the largest and most efficient country with enough gas to furnish the west, placed Nigeria as the perfect match for America and some of it allies in the west, they suddenly approach Nigeria with a proposal to start buying Nigerian Natural Gas.

First, some European countries came to Nigeria proposing to buy natural gas is not a regular trade demand, its a way to put Nigeria Against Russia.

Then they Approved 1Billion Dollars to Nigeria to help fight Terrorism, shortly after that, the UN Secretary General visit Nigeria to commensurate with victims of Book Haram and to show solidarity with some vague statement about making Nigeria a permanent member of the UN. Security Council.

Now IPOB has been declared as an official terrorist organisation by United Kingdom, and then another 23 million dollars of Abacha’s looted funds has been allegedly discovered, all these is spearheaded by United Kingdom.

These deeds are not just rolling out because Britain or the entire western nations suddenly found Nigeria as an interesting partner, they have an agenda, and everyone can see through it that the need a escape goat and Nigeria is the perfect country to use or maybe they believe Nigeria is still a country they can sway anyhow.

It is no doubt that Russia has put them all in immense pressure that is why they realised that they need another stronger ally with the type of natural gas that gave Russia an advantageous position, so their target is that if they can get Nigeria to replace their gas lines from Russia, then Russia will no longer be a threat in a few years.

Whether this is good for Nigeria Economy that has been struggling through these years or not, this is certainly not a good time for Nigerian to be striking deals of Natural gas Knowing that Russia and Ukrainian is at war.

The most important thing right should be be how to end the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The newly found friendship with Nigeria simply because of the extreme pressure they are facing be the Russian Ukrainian crisis, they suddenly recognise Nigeria and began to play nice because they also has a theory that if Nigeria continue to destabilise Nigeria’s peace leveraging on the existing crisis.

These is what they do, they ignite crisis turn around and start supplying weapons and money to sustain the crisis so that they can tap from your resource.

Nigeria has to be careful at dealing with international relations.

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