The effective power of a simple conversation and how to build your #communication attitude depend on two key elements:


Your attitude and mood can bring a positive or negative response from your listener which can be triggered by your choice of words.

Before engaging in a conversation, you must select your vocabulary or words and make your words as simple and polite as possible because everything you are going to say depends on your choice of words.
That is why its eminent to know your words in other words know what you are saying.

A good speaker is also a good conversationist who choses words that are easy for his listener to understand so that his submission can be achieved.

2- Tone:
Why is it that when you talk to your superior, you tend to use a certain type of tone?

Because you are trying not to offend, use the wrong words or expression right?

Yes, that is to say, you understand that you can trigger a favourable outcome or an unfavourable outcome.

Knowing that emotions is the generator of all kind of communication, people are often triggered by the tone used during a conversation to draw negative or positive conclusions

It is impossible for a good speaker or conversationist to get a negative feedback because of the use of effective language (Choice of words).

Today, people can choose to associate or disassociate themselves from you because of your manner of talking. Everybody wants to work and live in an environment that is serene and healthy. And you can be a hazard just with your attitudes and tone of speaking.

Communication is a major determinant of a healthy friendship, work place or living environment. Some people can choose to be around you solely because they enjoy your conversation style, the power you commend when you talk.

That is why organisations often look for people with strong communication suit.

A conversation is the beginning of every life given opportunities, you must start and end everything with a conversation, the result and outcome is what life is about, that is why talking to people is an important aspect of life.

People general must converse. Talk they say is cheap, and not everybody knows how to talk. Or how to have an effective conversation.

Every day we meet and talk to people, it’s a duty to the human race, we communicates with one another in other to buy and sell, to strike deals, and to go about our daily affairs.

A good conversationist must understand his mood and the mood of the listener he or she is conversing with in other to achieve a healthy conversation.

It is important to know how to talk, both in private and in public.

If you don’t have a positive attitude, tone and proper choice of words. You will always receive negative feedback, and also you may not be a good character to be associated with.

People will avoid you. You’ll always get fired from jobs. You will always not have a healthy relationship. And your living environment will always be toxic.

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