REALITY TV: Naija Hood Rep why is nobody talking about the show?


Nigeria has never been in a shortage of ideas to keep Nigeria united together, and strong as a Nation.

Nigeria is one of the greatest Countries with rich cultural diversity which has been one of the most significant items of our natural and heterogeneous heritage as a people.

NaijaHood Rep appears to be a reality tv show that embodies the actual reality of our Nigerian cultural, moral, and ethnic diversity that brings a uniques combination of rich traditional equilibrium to Nigeria.

Although they have been several reality shows that were created with the aim of uniting Nigeria, designed to target the youth population where the young participants would demonstrate their talents showcase their skills, and represent their ethnicity and cultures.

NHRep is also a reality television competition series that brings Nigerian youth from various ethnicities of Nigeria with the aim of showcasing their beautiful cultures, talent, and other attributes behind the hood they represent.

So far the current housemates are on their 7th day in the Landlord’s house as they referred house and contesting Housemates are from all over Nigeria.

Watching the show goes a long way to show how much we are missing in our own country because there have never been enough channels and resources put into exploring the rich connection between eccentric love and brotherhood that stimulates the Nigerian entity.

One housemate and contestant BOMAN BOGNET whose presentation of his hood brought deep insight into the way we generally perceive the northern part of Nigeria AKA Hausa is from Kaduna State.

He spoke in eloquent English and lecture his fellow housemates about popular phrases min the Hausa language and also about the calm nature of the people, peaceful and friendly accomodating spirit of the northerners.

  Now, why are Nigerians not talking about the show?

Nigeria is a country with over 200 million population and naturally, Nigerians have high expectations, and also fantasize about a little extra entertainment side by side with big nyash/ass, and sex on tv, something I have not seen displayed on the Naija Hood rep show, no wonder no one is talking about the show.

Secondly, because Nigerians are driven by corruption and a give and take system of love and support, you must offer something in return if you want Nigerians to support and accept you.

Naija hood rep reality shows don’t seem to be like other reality tv shows where participants have to be selected from a list of already made and fancy starlike applicants who sometimes have to buy their way into the show.

Nigerians are always focused on individual gain and selfish rewards that come as a result of bribery your way into affairs like reality tv shows to gain popularity and fame, they seem to be a lack that in NHrep thus the cash prizes and the platform is not as big as BBNaija, hence most participants somehow are ordinary faces.

It could also be because some of them may not have been able to afford the cost of mobilizing the public.

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