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OPINION WRITER: President Mohammadu Buhari call on youth to come have a meaningful discussion on his table.

OPINION WRITER: President Mohammadu Buhari call on youth to come have a meaningful discussion on his table.

President  Mahammadu Buhari call on youth dialogue meeting.  He made this known in his message to the Maiden African National youth day celebration conceded as an appeal to the youths to come to a table talk and have a meaningful discussion that will engage the government and allow the active participation from the youths to end police brutality.

The presidential appeal is meant to get the youth to stop the ongoing protests that have since lead to the disbandment of special anti robbery squad SARS. Recall Nigerian youth are not longer aiming at police brutality as they have since changed their demands.

The message that came through the Minister of FCT Muhammad Bello told the gathering that the plea from Mr. president to Nigerian youths is that his administration have heard the call made by the youth and the youth should not be afraid to come out for a direct dialogue to reform the police.

Speaking further, he said; the federal government wants to hear concrete and practical ideas, he also acknowledged that their protest have reach a point that the government can no longer stand idle and watch external force and actors who seek to take over the protest redirect a well intended protest in ways that will further destroy our peace loving nation.

“Every successful protest movement in the world knows that they comes a time that the protest have to move from the street to the table for negotiations and that is what we expect from the youths. You don’t have to be afraid, that reality have come and the youths should welcome it he said”.

In going forward, the president stated that it’s important that we all strive to use this moment in time constructively because too many people have already pay a large sacrifice of life and blood. As youths, you have a nation and a future to build and the current administration is always going to be a faithful partner in this essential patriotic Endeavour.

The president’s message also use the medium to express his strong opposition to wrongful use of imposition of violence against the protesters, law abiding people of Nigeria, especially the youth by any security agency. In saying this he said;

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“No Nigerian should not be brutalized in any way place or form, whether in a market place or in peaceful protest line, it’s because of my abiding beliefs in the constitutional right of the people that I swiftly move to abolish SARS immediately I heard about the protest and move to consider other reform measures to have a better law enforcement that will deliver quality relationship between the police and the public”.

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