Politics In Nigeria has become a professional profession – Robert Clark SAN


Politics has become the Number one profession in Nigeria Elder Statesman, that is why the number of persons showing interest in the 2023 presidential race and the costs of acquiring a participation form Political parties is outrageously high.

Stating the issue on the numbers of people seeking political position. When you see everybody rushing around to become president, senators and Governors, goes along way to tell you that political is the number one profession in Nigeria.

It not an ideal profession for a young man dreaming to become a lawyer, to be dreaming to become a doctor, the first contradiction of any young man is to say I want to be a politician, as if politics is a profession.

According to Robert Clarke, the reason why there is a lot of eagerness to become politicians in Nigeria is because for the past 22 years since the dis-transition of Democracy, has been the worst form of government that Nigeria has ever past through for the past 60 years.

The question he pose is that, why is everybody clamouring to become a politician is because the system allows the politicians to steal public money, the Nigerian Constitution allows a Governor to contest an election, become a governor for eight years after the eight years, immediately he hands-over the governor office, he will is taking to EFCC and later to prison after stealing money.

It is very disgracing and disgraceful, however, the fact that Nigeria is one the most corrupt country is quite clear from the way our politicians are dealing.

The question about the amount of money that political parties are asking candidates to deposits also goes to show you how, like the pastor tell Christians to saw a seat and from the amount of seed you saw that is the amount you will reap in heaven, is there same way political parties are asking candidates to pay so that when they get to office as a governor or a senator, they can reap the benefits.

There is nothing wrong in what the political parties are doing, the law allows what they are doing, it is nit unconstitutional because the law allows it that is what ever amount of the money they are ask to pay, they don’t talk about it because the know that within six months on office they will recover the expenses.


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