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OPINION WRITERS: The danger of disinformation is as a result of microblogging as against ethical journalism profession.

OPINION WRITERS: The danger of disinformation is as a result of microblogging as against ethical journalism profession.

Let me tell you why blogging tabloids and red-tube journalism is becoming popular than traditional journalism.

The reason why there is fake news everywhere is because people are more attracted to tabloids, red-tubes and blogging platform for news content is because our present generation is more of a social media app generation with technology where micro bloggers are more dominant than traditional journalism media outlets platforms. And that is why people will argue blindly because what they read from blogs without verifying the materials. Read news from traditional News media platforms not blogs or you risk believing fake information
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Another significance of this is that if you are so much deep into reading news contents or materials from microblogging platforms you’re going to get a lot of junk information because most of their information is based on their opinion or sentimentality.

Because of the kind of content you read without verifying the information is likely to give you the wrong or expected result.

As a reader, if your research or analysis is base on your understanding through the translation or interpretation of what you know about life, generally, polities, or anything at all in life Is based on microblogging platforms, you’re going to get a lot of wrong information.

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Sometimes, if you want to get concrete correct information go to typical traditional news media platform so that you can get verify information because these traditional news papers have proper professional media publication standard.

There are editors, they have to edit and verify content materials before they go to publications, so this is what the new media is conflicting with the traditional media.

Actually, this are the contrasting difference new media and the traditional professional media with ethical values.

When it comes to journalism, because journalism is based on fact and verified materials, evidence and proof through news sources, there is no room for copy writing or copy and paste kind of reporting.

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Secondly, bloggers, tabloids and redtubes half of the time, they can analyze information that they have or translate in anyway they want base information whatever interest them, they have their own opinion, they can eject, they inject anything into a story depending on how they want it to be painted.

Most of the time traditional journalism platforms have to shutdown down a story so as not to miss represent the facts or information because that is what is call misinformation to the public.

The public depend on the information through news media, journalist have to go to the source of events and take this information from there and disseminate, but bloggers, they don’t go to the sauce they only get the information that is already out through professional news media and reanalyze the information and present it to the public.

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Don’t over consume much of blogging news without trying to do some of your own personal research in a proper pattern so you can get to understand most of the things that conflict with what you have at hand for example if you’re reading content materials that are very important to the values of society and the values of life and values of people we have life cultures, traditions, religion, philosophy, science called it anything at all you need to go to the source where information is authentic and original

Remember that bloggers have more advantage using the Internet and social media to disseminate information that is why there is this information circulating and more of you know that unverified news is been more popular and becoming more stronger than traditional journalism like we used to know.

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There’s a difference between journalism and blogging, blogging is a copywriting process that waits for verify news content to be published by professional journalism media outlets before they can copy such information and blog about. Thé differences between journalism and blogging is that, a bloggers can analyze information however they like by applying their opinion.

Journalism is base on fact without opinion. The danger of blogging is that they don’t have any consciousness of what true journalism means so they tend to just do their job as writers or as a content developers.

Most bloggers are of them go copywriters who re-write original materials, but journalist have this ethical professionalism in the way of writing, the way of presenting facts, and a standard pattern to disseminate information.

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Then real danger is that, tabloids can give you the wrong narrative and the red-tubes television networks that just depend on paid content can also give your a wrong idea about what is believable or not.

Most of them take sides and they tend to become bias, they tend to become by Partisan and politically motivated.

All of this comes in and dilute the substance of news reporting, in tabloids you have television stations that completely take side they give a narrative just the way they want people to see it.

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When we bring the issue of disinformation that’s why you see that there is fake news circulating a lot more than authentic news because people are interested in news that victimized the subject without supporting evidence.

When you have a report been reported and constantly being interrupted by false information, that is not original from the source, they can paint the story to suit public interest because people are interested in Sweet stories they don’t want to know the facts, so you can see the danger is that if the news media stand against you, you loose public sympathy and your verdict will depend largely on public demand.

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Tune will come when anybody can sit anywhere and just create a story and put the whole world in panic by putting out wrong information that is where you say Miss information is one of the danger of journalism because it has happened, and it does happen in many ways for example if you are a journalist and you go to the source and you don’t have any concrete information and you decide to create a story from whatever you think we just make the whole news headlines you can just miss lead people you know that is misleading public view, public opinion because peoples opinions sometimes is usually relying on the information available on public domain.

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If writers and journalist who provides information available in public domain for people to access write content without research then the amount of information that has been brought to public knowledge by individuals or a group of people will be counted as misinformation.

As writer you have the responsibility to be authentic in your information dissemination process in the way of passing your message, in your way of writing and in the context of what you’re talking about, all of these things have to talk about the authenticity of information because people live by information so we need to be so conscious about journalism by distinguishing it from blogging or tabloids news media.

Tabloids are those news media that are not professionally managed or regulated, they paddle information from whatever angle suitable and profitable to them and then try to seduce the whole news media with back to back analysis without base.

Image for postIf you look at how international news media come to Africa and analyze news from Africa, you would understand that it is always to the detriment of more African countries because those that want the media to sell, they want to give the news in a pattern than will open suspense for the people to wait for the news to unfold.

The public is motivated by repeated reports with a narrative that project a public fear or worry, that is how the news influence by the public demand, not exactly by professional decision of how news should be reported.

There is need to distinguish this thing so that we can understand that our society should begin to understand that news is one of the fundamental aspect of our current existence because we live by this information.

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