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OPINION WRITERS: The best place to start is from the bottom, it took me almost 10 years to realized it.

OPINION WRITERS: The best place to start is from the bottom, it took me almost 10 years to realized it.

The best place to start is from the bottom. It took me 10 years to realize that for me to get to top I needed to start from the bottom.

The idea of I can do anything I want to do and taking time trying to always design the skeleton of how I want to become this or that begin to fade away because I do not need all of that.

I always fell like I have to design what I want to do, I always feel I know better how to navigate my life, I always think I understand what it takes to become anything in life, I always believe I have what it takes to be great, but sometimes it’s not about the challenges that come with the things that you want to do in life but the ability to understand why you have to follow through a pattern in the mist of your life challenges.

The ability to understand where to start from sometimes is to understand why we switch between the things that we would’ve loved to do and what we find ourselves doing.

I see people spending money to live a certain type of lifestyle, or certain way, spending money unnecessarily to become something without understanding the process, in anything you do, there’s a fundamental process, when you follow the process things instead of becoming complacent, things become easier.

When you set out to reach your goal in life, you may not achieve your objective immediately but when you continue to press on and push forward, then you will understand the process you need to help you learn the basic things you need to succeed.

I made a mistake of spending money on unnecessary things thinking that it will help me reach my goal faster, but money can only assist you to jump all of the processes you could have necessarily need to learn from while in the journey to your higher grounds.

But the mistake I made somehow in my life was to think I could achieve my dream by cutting out the process, because I felt money is the the only tool, but somehow, somethings in life, money is not the only tool you need, you need to to start with your ability to conquer the fear in you,  if you have money to help you jump the process, why not spend the money to learn more instead. No matter how much fancy cloths you wear a monkey, its still a monkey, don’t kid yourself learn the process.

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People make the same mistakes because they have the means and they continue to spend money to live their dream life doesn’t mean that they are living their dreams.

There are people that have money but still unable to live their dreams. If your dream life can’t provide for your living cost, then it has better be a dream of sacrificing your dream life to live your empathetic dream life. If instead of your dream to provide for you, you are providing for your dream, then you haven’t followed the process to pay your dues.

Its like buying a fancy car and borrowing money to service the car to make you look rich. In everything you must understand the process then you will understand the methods.

You need to follow the steps according to how it is set up because the people you meet along the way in the process of growing in the industry will help you understand how to follow through, if you jump the process, definitely you’re going to spend money that you make from a different source to finance your dream.

Every dream, every desire, everything you want, you have to work for it, and you must start working for it from somewhere, no matter how people are going to give you favors, nobody will give you an entire dream. People can always make something available for you but no one can give you your entire dreams.

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You may have a dream to become something a certain person and someone comes with another thing that surpasses your original dreams that doesn’t mean that because you have what is more than your dream, then you no longer need to achieve your own dreams to become what you intended to become.

Some people just love doing certain things, they don’t care if they make profit or loss, they don’t care about the money and fame whatever comes with the huge sacrifice they make, they don’t care about anything, for me I just want to leave a mark I just want to give my life a meaning, a life with a purpose.

People mistake dreams from their desire to be the richest person on earth, for me I want to be free. freedom is the greatest wealth. There are a lot of people that give their lives today to serve others because, that is what give them satisfaction.

Unfortunately, in our present generation, everybody want to be rich, while I was growing up, I was fascinated by wanting to be a journalist, I was fascinated by wanting to be an actor at the same time, I wanted to be a writer, and I also wanted to be on the radio.

Now I have realize that everything I have dreamed of becoming in life, I have touched it, I have attempted doing it, I have seen the possibility of doing it and I seen the possibility of becoming the person I want to become, I have seen  the possibility of me being that person, it is not easy because life has a way of giving us challenges before giving us our medals.

There’s nothing you want to become today that nobody has become it, there’s nothing I want to do today that nobody has done before, you can only improve on it or add some new ideas to it, a little bit you can add something different.

I have tried to do a lot of things, I now understand that the best I can do is to be in my own position take my own place and space.

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In life, whatever you want to do, do the best you can do and make sure that while you are in that position, your effort counts, that is why you are at It, whatever you want to do, be aware that it matters.

Your life is a purpose and you must have an impact on the society. Although, these days people, misplace their priority of what they want to do with their lives to what they want to achieve with their lives.

If something doesn’t challenge you, then why are you a person? If there are no challenges, then it’s not worth it. If it’s so easy, it’s not worth it, I came to understand that the challenges that comes with our dream chase is to gives us value and value brings a meaning to give you some form of importance because if you just go and get things so easy you may not Charis it.

Some people got their own life’s so easy, while some people go through the most hideous hard work to get to achieve success.No description available.

The dynamics of life is to understand that if you do not start from a somewhere you may not get anywhere.

I am happy because at this point in my life I have learned to accept to start from the scratch. I thought some years ago that I could just cut all of this out and just get to the chase, in a bit of negotiating with life I got to understand that life is a process, and I needed to follow the process.

I don’t want to care about what people think and how they feel. I only care about how I feel, this thing I want to do, I want to do it with all my hart and I don’t care how I start I don’t care how you feel.

All I know is that I am happy that I can start now and from the very bottom, I understand I was waiting for about 10 years dreaming and designing the frame, picturing how I want to start and become big, now I realize that there is no perfect start.

I get to appreciate little beginning because that is what life sometimes brings you to see the bottom so that you can appreciate the top.

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