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OPINION WRITERS: Baba Ijesha is not the first celebrity to be caught in the act and yet no justice.

OPINION WRITERS: Baba Ijesha is not the first celebrity to be caught in the act and yet no justice.

If Baba ijesha is found guilty of rape; he would be one of thousand of rapist in Nigeria that might not be prosecuted if the public doesn’t push the law to discharge justice.

Since Nigeria have failed in many aspect especially in the fundamental third tier of Government. The judiciary practice system in Nigeria has become hugely doubted by the public because of its regular lack of dispensation of justice.

The administrative and management of law in Nigeria is always a cry for help and the people of Nigeria are often faced with legal discrepancy when it comes to discharge of the rule of law, hence corruption and man know man is still the califate of the Nigerian judiciary.

Is been a number of days since the arrest of Nigerian Yoruba popular actor baba ijesha was brought to public notice after he was cuaght on CCTV camera molesting a 7 year old girl.

His arrest have brought about serious misinterpretation and mixed feelings among yoruba actors and the industry in particular.

Popular Yoruba actor, Baba Ijesha in police net for raping 14 years old  girl as he admits crime | LiveTimes9ja

Being a public figure and popular Nollywood actor, tension is raising dust among the yoruba Nollywood elites who are challenging the  law should they be a possibility that he might not be found guilty since Nigerian law always excuses men who can afford to buy their innocence.

The bone of contention is rather very high as public debate remains a question weather or not the law will take it course on the actor, while other argues that it will be business as usual.

Many A-list Nollywood actors and other celebrities have taking to social media to show their support for the victim and to demands that justice be served.

If justice is to take it course if the Actor is found guilty, that would mean that baba ijesha will serve a prison term to send a sounding warning to other so called celebrated actors and prominent personalities in the society taking advantage of vulnerable innocent people.

Somme Nollywood celebrities are obviously not about to let baba ijesha’s atrocity rob them of their good name as many have been calling for proper investigation and if he is found guilty, he should be send to prison.

Like Tonto Dike and Lege Miami 

Sexual assault: Baba Ijesha must not be granted bail — Tonto Dikeh

In a series of posts with different captions, described Baba Ijesha as an “evil man.”

In one of her posts, she said “anyone with information on this , pleases contact me. This evil man must not be released (and must) not be granted bail.”

She urged her followers to join her call for justice for the victim by reposting and tagging foreign and local authorities.

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In another post, she said if he is found guilty, she will personally make sure he never sees the light of the day.

However, the actress’ rants did not go down well with Kehinde Adams aka Legemiami, a Yoruba filmmaker, who described her as a “nonentity.”

A statement signed by the association that brought the case before the Lagos state police command’s spokesperson, Yemi Amodu, on Saturday, cast a guilty verdict on the comic actor while expressing sympathy for the family of the alleged victim.

The association also vowed to support government in its bid to ensure that ignoble acts are checked within the society.

The statement partly read, “We find it obligatory to condemn in totality the odious occurrence of pedophilia confessed to by Mr. Olanrewaju James aka Baba Ijesha as confirmed by the police. Our association TAMPAN is crestfallen about this act and will reproach and remonstrate the committer of such exclusive sexual harassment to prepubescent children.

“Considering the sensitivity of the case, which is still under investigation according to Lagos State Commissioner of Police, TAMPAN will never support all acts against what we preach and represent. As an association, we understand the mores and norms of our people and behaviour will always be homiletic”.


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