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OPINION WRITERS: Adealo Adeniyi. A young girl who is set to build the biggest Nursery & Primary school in Nigeria.

OPINION WRITERS: Adealo Adeniyi. A young girl who is set to build the biggest Nursery & Primary school in Nigeria.

Adeola Adeniyi, founder and owner of Golden Pearls Nursery & Primary School, is not only a Nigerian young girl who is prepared to dare the world of the unknown into becoming a school propreitor, she is an inspiration to other youths Nigerian young women.

Working hard to change the narrative of her life. Her energy is indeed a motivation to other Nigerian youths. The young entrepreneur spoke about her determination to build one of Nigerian best learning environment for children as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Speaking to Ernest U.k via an Instagram live conversation, she re-echoes the need for other Nigerian youths to think for themselves and engage their time in activities that will bring their skills into limelight, also maintaining that history will remember your life adventure only when you are able to impact on others, advising others youths to stand up and work for their dreams regardless of limited opportunities in Nigeria.

Though, her career as an academia is just beginning, her zeal to reach the top in the business of education administration is surprising. The young woman said she is willing to give her very best to establish an affordable, decent quality standard Nursery and primary school education across Nigeria in the near future. Such big dreams are commendable given that the educational sector in Nigeria is often times neglected and only a handful of Nigerians parents can afford quality education from private intuitions for their children.

Tell us about your educational background and how you became a school teacher:

Talking about my educational background, I studied English Education BA (ED) from Ekiti State University Ado Ekiti and graduated in 2016. After my graduation I started teaching in a certain school and my experience as a teacher is what let me to start golden pearls nursery and primary school.

When I was in school as an undergraduate, I wanted to become an actress or a model because I always wanted to become famous, but after graduation things change and eventually, I found myself teaching and you know how Nigeria is, nothing comes easy, so I decide to just focus on my teaching career. My educational experience including my university degree has contributed greatly to my development and success so far?

How did you end up setting up a school on your own?

There was never a time I considered myself to becoming a teacher, but after graduation I found myself teaching; the way the staff were being treated; I didn’t like it so when the lockdown began and we were at home I knew I was not going back to that school to continue, so I started thinking about what to do.

Let me say golden pearls nursery and primary school started after I convinced a vision which was to raise godly children for academic excellence. So, I started thinking of how to create an environment that would let me teach the young minds academically and spiritually. I wanted to make an impact in their lives. That is how I started the lesson for just few kids in my compound and because parents in my compound could trust me, they started bringing their kids to my lesson, so it was now clear that I could start from here and I convince myself that I could do it.

So, there was no plan to set up an academic institution?No description available.

No, it all started during the lockdown, at first our neighbor approached me asking me to help teach her 3 children since they were just home doing nothing. I agreed and we started, then other parents were seeing our progress they gradually begin to trust me and that was how more children joined us and we grew. After then I had a clear view that this was an opportunity for me to start my own, since I already started from this, I believe I can continue and I would grow.

At this point it was just a lesson class; nothing official, then one day within the lesson period I approached a certain woman, and I told her about my vision and immediately she accepted to bring her son for proper formal enrolment into my school “golden pearls nursery & primary school and that was the beginning, then I went and told my pastor and his wife and they supported me immediately. My parents also supported me.

Finally, when schools were allowed to resume on 21st September 2020, after the lockdown it was easy for me, and that was how Golden Pearls nursery and primary school opened officially with 1 boy. Gradually our population grew and before the end of the term by December of 2020 we already had 12 registered pupils to the glory of God.

What has been your career experience so far starting from the scratch?

I can say my experience as a teacher made thing easier for me to understand most of the processes of academic management, and also base on the knowledge I have and my education background I have been able to quickly understand that it is a great responsibility and I must bear it; It has not been easy, starting from zero, you know the beginning is always the most difficult part but at the same time, it’s interesting to learn everything I need to know about the educational system.

School business is not like every other business because it involves the basic and fundamental development of children especially Nursery & primary school, so it’s something that requires experience on how to build on a child’s up bringing and their future, also because I want train and install well behalf character of children into the society.

Maybe because I have been a teaching and I understand the rudiment of school management to some extend has help me a lot, I think that is one of the important areas where my career experience has given me an edge; because I have to formulate the programs, the curriculum and other normal school structures, even though we are just starting.

What is your objective?

To Influencing the Future. As a teacher, I am giving children the skills they need to go out into the world and succeed. To help build children’s self-esteem because when a child grows up with quality mannerism, confidence, it with given high value thinking mentality. Teaching isn’t all about learning ABC’s and 123’s. You get to work in a fun, creative setting. Every day is different and exciting. It gives me joy seeing those little ones prosper in their academics.

What encourage you to become an entrepreneur?

Because I wanted to find my purpose and to pursue a career that I can add value and impact on the society. And finding myself starting with children makes me happy because children are the most valuable aspect of our lives. Also, I left my former place of work because the environment wasn’t conducive anymore. I had so much I wanted to do to help the students, but I was limited, so all that encourages me since I have the zeal and the interest to build my own future in the education sector.

What have been some of the challenges that you face?

The challenges I face presently is limited resources, there’s little at hand in terms of resources because we use a small space presently which can’t accommodate more pupils. When we began second term in January to the glory of God again, we grew in number from 12 to 17, if I have enough resources, I would have moved the pupils to a bigger space but I am trusting God that would happen soon.

What is your advice to other young women and Nigerian Youths in General?

I advise every woman out there to realize themselves. As a woman, you have to find out what you’re passionate about and go after it. Do what make you happy.

Where do you see Golden Pearls Nursery and Primary School in five (5) years?

No description available.

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I believe in 5 years we would have grown and even birth more schools. My prayer is to see children who pass through golden pearls nursery & primary school become responsible member of the society, that will really make me happy, so in five years I want to see our school in different states of Nigeria rendering academic excellence.

If you were given the chance to change anything about your life and career what would it be?

If given the chance I would still want to do the same things I did. I would not change anything, because my experiences have helped me grow. Life is about purpose and I believe choosing to become a teacher and also to build the future of children makes me feel like I am in the right space and time. So, I will still want to be who I am.

What do you expect the Nigerian Government to change?

I think Nigeria government should give entrepreneurs easy access to loans and grants. This will go a long way. There is a lot of pressure on independent operators and I think it reduces the impute and growth of entrepreneurs who are investing in the Nigerian economy. So, the government have to change the approach towards the private sector.

What do you think should be change within the Nigerian education system?

Nigeria’s education system encompasses three different sectors: basic education (nine years), post-basic/senior secondary education (three years), and tertiary education (four to six years, depending on the program of study). Educational standards are the learning goals for what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. Education standards, the Common Core of education are not the curriculum, because sometimes, local communities and educators choose their own curriculum, which is a detailed plan for day-to-day teaching base on need of the kind of interest shown by the students. The Nigerian education system is very fine and its child friendly so there’s no need for a change. Only that they should invest on providing quality learning materials.

In conclusion of this interview; what do you have to tell your friends, supporters and family?

No description available.

I would say, thanks to everyone who have been a part of my project, people who have ensure that golden pearls nursery & primary school become a reality. Thank you very much and to my family; thank you for supporting my dreams, to everyone out there who is supporting me and golden pearls Nursery and primary school, I will do my best to make you proud, I will always insist on the best quality standard education to build on the dreams that you all supported me to start.



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