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Happiness can mean different things to different people and to some people happiness is an eternal level of attainment and to other people its a heavenly gift that comes as a blessing.

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The pursuit for happiness has been responsible for the human effort to attain inner peace, It sort of keeps you away from getting into the rat race which in-fact keeps you in the rat race.

According to a Hindu philosophy which has addressed the issues of happiness, even if you win the rat race, what do you prove? That you are a Rat! If you are not a rat then why do you participate in the rat race?

It takes lot of courage to be different! Intelligence, creativity, skills, hobby, passion etc. help one to stand out. However, the most important element in this exercise called life is to find the calmness from within oneself. It is not a spiritual aspect but simply practical one.

As humans, we must prioritised and accept that we will not be able to get everything that we desire. And even if we are destined to get those things about life that seems to give a feeling of happiness, all of them will not come to you at a time.

This is why patience, perseverance are important. As a person, you have to simultaneously stop comparing and competing with others. When you don’t have either superiority or inferiority complexes you will be able to concentrate on your life in much better fashion.

In the present world, it seems very difficult to understand this and more difficult to follow.
In such case you find yourself happy Rat Racing. The things which you work your entire life to achieved believing they will give you happiness ceases to do so after sometime, once obtained/achieved.

Happiness is just a word or a thought or may be a state, its momentary, if you try to find a meaning with or within anything, you will certainly not see any meaning or reason for the quest for happiness, but you most surely find objects, creatures which will just exist for few moments and then cease to exist like any other object or creature, at that might be the end of your happiness.

We are told to have a purpose or be busy with life and try to give it a meaning, as we are also told/expected to be the most evolved and spiritual things/creatures. We come, remain in different mental states and then leave.

The RAT Race doesn’t come from outside, people might say it’s the society that creates RAT Race. When it is in fact the society in your mind that gives us the most intense pressure to kick off and join the rat race, it starts from within, if you are able to regulate your feelings of expectation and keep away your children from their own bizarre expectations, then you might succeed in avoiding the rat race in your lifetime.

Every human being has his or her own operational definition of happiness, only to find out that there isn’t any until it is either too late or not in a state to pursue it. It is a state of mind according to many others who claimed have achieved it.

Happiness could be a natural choice different to every human being. Unfortunately we always tend to make a choice when it comes to choosing happiness and pleasure and mistaken both for another. And most times or 90% of the time, we choose pleasure instead of happiness.

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