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I Believe In My Music and My Sound -LAYYDOE

I Believe In My Music and My Sound -LAYYDOE

The Nigeria music industry over the past decade has produced top super stars and open international doors for Nigerian artist globally and it has continue to produce Super stars that are thrilling the world with good music and a new sound of music from Africa.

One of Nigerian born music star who is working very hard and drooping good songs like MANYIA, MASHUP and her latest fresh Single MaSoBe that was among the top TEN on AFROBEATS FRESH SHOW – is LAYYDOE, the Afro-Dance-Hall Energy Queen is currently one of Nigeria’s Popular recording artist who recently released a single tittled “Ma sobe” Don’t say that-, the single is been receiving much love and appreciation by her fans all over major cities of Nigeria, the energy queen is set to gain her name and secure her place and become a household celebrity in the industry. 

LAYYDOE is a talented Nigerian Musician who’s career in the music industry is inspired by patois rehythm, she Started as a professional Artist in 2013 and she has been relentlessly showcasing her singing talent and building her career as a Musician ever since then. After her recent show where she performed on Nigeria Reggae festival 2019 in Awka Anambra state, she took some minutes to talk to GOLDEN PAGE MAGAZINE VIA an Instagram Live . The conversation was brief and Layddoe gave some insights about the industry and her personal input to the music industry and expectations.


When asked how would she describe her kind of music! she said, “My kind of music is Afro Dance hall, that is my genre and If you talk about the fusion of Afrobeat it s relatively a part where sometimes you have to mix your vibes. And because you somehow feel a mixture of afrobeats infused into my music doesn’t define the entirety of my style or kind of music. And everyone in the industry does that to infuse some mixture of Afrobeat because it’s the major energy of the industry. But my music is Afro-Dancehall.


In the Nigeria music industry there has been a tremendous change over the past few years and currently Afrobeat have become an interesting sound that is internationally applauded.

Talking about how the sound controls the music industry and how music lovers enjoys the versatility of different sound, Layydoe talk about how the music culture in Nigeria has a great influence when talking about sound. “Anyone who knows music, knows by now that the power of sound is the definition of good music, and that has been my music principle. I stick to my sound and I do my sound production effortlessly because I know what I’m doing. I have residual inspiration both from reggae and PATOIS, that alone has set a pattern that has a different sound power. If you look at the likes of Burna Boy who has become a music Giant, not just in Nigeria but internationally, you will see that he has a unique sound and that is how he controls his music. If you want to be known with a particular sound, maintain your sound, don’t run from sound to sound, stay with your sound. Sound is the music and it has higher power to either give you a good audience or a bad audience. In Nigeria, Artist like SIMI like you mentioned, she has her own sound and have a classic audience and her fans love her for that. So I think the industry is more of the sound.


Relevance is one of the mesurément of how an artist career is successful, that goes a long way to giving an artist a longer duration to enjoy fame, relevance and sound-tone influences the industry. Artist can either get to celebrity status and become popular through the way their music is accepted and loved, it also détermine how artist is featured in the mainstream music frame of the industry, currently with different music sounds trending; Afrobeat seems to be back-benching some other sounds which means, if your sounds doesn’t bring in some vibes of Afrobeat, you are probably left behind. Layydoe believes these interprétation is not accurate because good music sell It selfs regardless the genre.

in speaking she said- “I think the industry features every artist as long as your content is good and you do good music, you are definitely featured, you will be booked for shows, concerts and every one who love your arts and music will sort for your music. Personally, I haven’t felt like I am left out of the account of stage shows, event or deals. It depends on your fan base and your audience. As far as music is concerned, your music is largely recognized by those who love your music, your content and your brand, for me, I am working hard; and I have my own audience, God has been blessing me and he will continue to bless me. Secondly. Believing in what you do and given your all with no fraction is an important part of becoming an artist. I believe in my Music and my sound, I know my music will take me to the level I want to reach, its what i love doing, Music has no limits and is a never ending career. The first thing you should know and understand is! do you believe in what you are doing? As long as you believe in yourself and in what you do, the industry will recognize you and you will definitely be featured.”


If you want to look at the female artist in Nigeria and how the industry share the stage with the female artist, it’s with no doubt that few female artists have been able to secure their spot and more female artists have also joined the stage- Tiwa Savage, Yemi alade, Simi, Teni, and many others who if talking of the Nigeria music playlist you can’t afford to not have them on the top of the list.
Layydoe who has been working hard and can be seen on that list of top Nigerian female Musicians said. “Nigeria is a big country and like the United States, there is no way you would talk about music in any kind of genre that you won’t include female artist. It’s not a male dominant career. It’s just that there are currently many men doing music than females. Also It’s about the female artist taking music as a career and becoming successful, and the chance of making it to the top in Nigeria is open because in Nigeria we listen and enjoy any kind of music as long as it’s good, if you are a female musician and you have good content, people will love you regardless that you are a female or not.
I have learned a lot from Tiwa savage, She is a wonderful person and from the standpoint of getting to be at the top of the playlist she has delivered and she kept doing great music and there is no way you won’t recognize such talent and good music and that has been my inspiration, when I look at thé Industry.





















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“If thé Radio stations, Clube djs, tv Channels that plays Our music can give some slot to upcoming artists, it will help them better and give them a chance to do better.”

Ultimately upcoming musicians expect some form of support and better opportunities to be able to grow in the industry. In supporting these claims as many up coming artist hold the opinion that they deserve a chance too. Layydoe explicitly explained that in every sector and industry there are always young people who are venturing into the industry and things are the same in the music market. The industry is still lacking in some areas like airplays and support from those who have the platforms. “If thé Radio stations, Clube djs, tv channels that plays Our music can give some slot to upcoming artists, it will help them better and give them a chance to do better because if your music is not played no one is going to hear you, so I think the djs and radio OAPs should share their slot and give young artists a chance too, that is the support they need.”

Being the biggest music industry in Africa that have produced big names like 2baba, Dbanj, Psqaure, Davao, Wizkid, Burna Boy etc, Nigeria music industry is where the world is turning to, for a new kind of energy that is completely Afrobeat. And every Nigerian artist is looking into international collaboration and deals.

“Talking about collaboration first, yes every artist wants to collaborate because that always cut across a bigger audience and introduce your music to a new category; if you feature an artist who has a certain type of audience. For me, I respect and love Burna Boy’s Sound, if i want to do a collaboration, it will definitely be Burna Boy. Like I said, I am a dance hall artist and if you listen to my music you will feel that maintenance culture of sound, in Nigeria, Burna Boy is a major artist that you cannot misplace his Sound or misinterpret it, even without collaborations. But yes, I will start from there and other collaborations will be until I think of why and if necessary to do some collaboration internationally or so, but for now, I am not looking at it, I definitely will, when the time comes.


You won’t be mistaking if you say most label Boss and contracts between artist and Record Label and artist; sometimes partners often have problems when the artist become big and trouble shoot in, in the past, some Record labels have even drag their artist to court.  One can say these are somehow most of the challenges that comes in through the door as artists work their way to the top.

Layydoe is currently signed into BAD DOG ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT and she talks about her relationship with her management.

Notwithstanding, when there is a business involving money you definitely should expect other setbacks. But I can say I have been doing music for seven years and to be specific, I have been with my management for about four years now and all I can say is that my Management is been wonderful, my Label Boss is someone who listens to ideas, talk to you like a mentor and if there are any developments, we all look at it from all stand points and then take a decision. Bad Dog entertainment have been nothing but support and I am happy how the management handle things and that is how you know and see the progress of artist when the management is involved with everything that has to do with pushing your music.

Layydoe Recent Single is gaining traction and she said it with confidence of her expectations and more to come “I expected the song to do well because it’s not just a song, but because it’s good. If you listen to Ma SoBe, you would know instantly that there is more good music where that came from. I am optimistic this year. I will keep working hard and believe in God and that is the bottom line- Hard Work and God will make everything possible. Nothing is hard for me to do. Because I am a believer and I don’t fear no challenge nor do I fear any man because God is my only strength.

The Energy Queen is one of the most positive energy driven personalities in the industry, she speaks greatly about Nigeria and quickly rebuke any notion that Nigeria is a Backward Country. “First of all, Nigeria is one of the most interesting and beautiful places to be. Nobody should feel like Nigeria is not a good place, Nigeria doesn’t take anybody backward like you insinuated because we have been in this same Nigeria making it and people are still making it, good money and good life. Some international superstars have visited Nigeria and see for themselves, Cardi B recently came to Nigeria and if you ask her about it she will damn well tell you that Nigeria is the best. In anything you do, you can make it in Nigeria if you know your craft, Nigeria not only supports creativity, Nigeria consumes creative work.

The dance hall artist who speak fluently in PATOIS A language spoken by reggae legend like Bob Marley said she learned how to speak patois only by listening to Jamaican Movies made in patois Language and listening to patios Music reggae and was able to transcend and began speaking in patios because she loves the power of vocal grace that come with patios.

In responding to a question if she is to choose between traveling from Lagos to Abuja by bus and collecting a double of the price of a ticket to fly from Lagos to Abuja by air. The artist said;  As a business oriented person, not just because I am Igbo. I would take the money and travel by BUS what is special about PLANES.


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