Emmanuel Macron leads on Voters intentions for his re-election by 57.5% over Le Pen 45.7%


The president candidate Emmanuel Macron in battle field with Marine Le Pen as both candidates face off on Wednesday debate

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Macron being an intelligent debater took on Marine Le Pen on Wednesday to take on another 5 years term as president of France taking a sizeable lead.

Three days before the elections, the traditional debate between the two finalist, Macron and Le Pen took the hot seat on a face to face as both candidates combat each other on various economic, political, and all other National key issues to score points to their side.

Macron has been blasted by the Far-right Presidential candidate Marine Le pen as an arrogant leader who doesn’t care about the people of France. Macron hit back hard on his opponent on economic impact of her idealistic intended programmes that will do no good than to insight civil war and the European and France unity apart.

Macron may likely not get the figures he got on the 2017 elections where he was elected president with 66% of the votes. Macron strong grounds on facts on the current issues on security and war in Eastern Europe present him as a more likely firm candidate to deal with the complex problems of the state. Raising his posture in issues of islamism and anti-Immigrations plans against Le Pen suggest that he won on the debate leading to the pool on Sunday.

Marine Le Pen is in the other is a combatant fighter in politics since joining politics in 1990s and has manage to convince the French voters that she is close to the people and her political career is dedicated for the French people.

The voters are at this point left with the option of taking side on the pool and Macron appears very confident of wining the election maintaning his position in the key issues that affect and impact the people of France.

Le pen has soon after the debate visited the North of France meeting with truck drivers who are irritated by the increase in gas prices, the north being one of her strong hold was her finally rally at the north town of Arras on Thursday where she urge the voters to choose between France and Macron in attempt to sway the undecided voters.

Her attack on the Incumbent president on his lack of remorseful respect for the French people has in several statement argue that the President is not the best choice for France in the present need of the French front.

Marine Le Pen in the last hours of her debate stood on an argument that President Macron’s inability to face reality on issue bothering on Immigration and security as she maintains that upon her becoming the president of the De la Republic, she will develop policies that will restore France and bring the people from the hole Macron has drove the Nation.

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