COMEDY TRAIN: The reaction I got after I pranked my Boyfriend on April fool.


I have planned to prank Bayo who is scared of starting a family since we are not ready for a baby yet that I am pregnant.


There is no other perfect day than today being the first day of April’s fool month.

I started with “Bayo I have something to tell you, yesterday I discovered the most surprising thing. Bayo, I am pregnant”. I said with a very serious look on my face, although I call Bayo my bestie, hearing the way I called his Name Bayo before I said what I said was indeed the first thing that shocked him, and at the same time alerted him that it was damn serious.

We have known ourselves for fourteen years, I spoke to him with the most serious face. Guess what happened, after that?

A big deep silence for a few minutes.

“How did this happen, when we have been very careful?” Bayo finally asked me as he peered at me closely as if my eyes would speak the truth.

I tried hard not to laugh because, with his recommended glasses and the way he looked at me squinting, it was a sight to me.

I could also see the worry lines on his forehead.

“I know I have a lot to say to you, but I don’t even know how to begin, I said in exaggerated slow motion.

He calmly placed a hand on my shoulder and led me to the chair opposite the door.

From there I could see the art he bought the previous month, I remembered telling him I didn’t understand the art much.

He told me it represented tranquility.

When he told me the price I almost screamed.

Knowing Bayo can do anything to make me happy.

I heard him clear his throat as he asked me again “if he was the father of the child and do you intend to keep it? …”

I wondered if he could see the hidden camera I had placed to record his reaction.

” Well it’s Ayo and I am keeping the baby I said to him”.

Then, the first reaction was a surprise that it was Ayo and not him, and the second was the fact I said I was keeping the baby, knowing he is not the father, all this emotion ran through him in a split of seconds.

That was when he sprang up and started shaking his head. I knew he was angry.

“Not Ayo who tried to hurt you, no it shouldn’t be Ayo. When did you even get back with him without my knowledge”? He asked in the most betrayed voice I ever heard him speak.

 As he sat on the chair crying, I felt sad and made up my mind to tell him the truth. I couldn’t bear to keep on lying anymore.

“What is today’s date again”? I said with a hint of laughter in my voice. 

I always called him bestie and he loved it.

“What has today’s date got to do with anything”?  he asked me as he sniffed and dabbed at his eyes with a tissue.

” April 1st and I just completely fooled you. I am sorry” I said as I started running to my room before he would catch up with me.

He was laughing at this point as he called me a clown.

“Well this clown has got your reaction on video and I am posting it on YouTube” I called out to him from my room as I laughed loudly.

” You really got me Uju, but this was an expensive April fool’s joke. You’re a fool sha, but I love you bestie”.

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