Big Bother Reality tv Show is purely entertainment not a money making machine. PERE


It’s no news that one of the fastest ways to achieve fame, influence, and wealth is making it to Big Brother Naija as a housemate.

By Simple Man 

The perceived wealth of ex-BBNaija housemates, especially on social media, has got many itching to know their source of income.

Over the years, the BBNaija reality show has changed the economic status of the housemates, bringing them from obscurity into the luxury life of a celebrity.

But most fans seem to be taken aback by the sudden affluence of most BBNaija housemates.

Recently, online bloggers reported another housemate, Saga, as saying he moved into an N5.1 million luxury apartment in Lekki, Lagos.

Saga also described the expenses that come with the life-changing status of a reality tv star as depressing for ex-housemates.

Nonetheless, the perceived wealth of ex-BBNaija housemates, especially on social media, has got many itching to know their source of income.

Source of wealth

To this end, BBNaija housemate Pere Egbi, best known as Pere, has explained how most Big Brother housemates make their money.

The 35-year-old actor cum model revealed this in an exclusive interview at a recently held event in Lagos.

Reacting to these claims, Pere said it is wrong for people to think of BBNaija as a money-making platform. He emphasized that the show’s focus is to entertain.

“It is wrong to think big brother Naija is a money-making platform. I think people are entitled to their opinion about BBNaija and the housemates, but it’s not relevant.”

“Big Brother Naija is just a platform that entertains, but one of the extra stuff that comes with the entertainment is exposure, and the exposure could bring you wealth or fame, but all these are extra stuff.”

Further explaining how most ex-housemates make their money, the reality star said that they have other ventures and businesses that enrich them, aside from BBNaija.

“When you come out of the house, you get an endorsement, brand ambassadorship, some get featured in movies and skits, and others make their contents, shows, and lots more, it depends on the individual,” he said.

“Some use being in the house to move their business or talent to the next level”, he added.


Before entering the Big Brother Naija show, Pere was a Nigerian nurse, actor, singer, scriptwriter, and entrepreneur.

He was featured in the Wale Adenuga Production TV series ‘Super Story’.

The Delta-born reality star was famous in the BBNaija house with the name “ Major General Pere”, which he earned from fans who likened his tenure as Head of House as rigid.

Also, Pere had served in the U.S. military for four years and had featured in Hollywood movies like ‘Gem of the Rainforest’.

Some of his recent movies are ‘One Kiss’ (2021), April Shower (2021) and Duke and Dami (2021).

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