2PAC and JADA’s Home Video in 1986 docked out by Netizens to taunt Will Smith


2Pac remain the most talk about person in mordern history.

Pink Man  Paris

Since after the 2022 Oscars Academy Awards night where Will Smith had to confront Chris Rock in defense of his Wife Jada, the world has not gone to bed withouth making Will Smith’s life even harder to deal with.

2Pac is being gone for almost 26 years, and folks still compared jada’s love for Will Smith to the undying love she had for 2Pac 26 years ago, it is unfiar to Will smith.

At this point Will Smth is probably thinking to himself why did he had go that far, was it wort it, but to be honest, I think the man acted on his ego being the man and hisband to a woman bieng made a joke whivh he believes was not funny.

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